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Ardex Grout Where To Buy ##BEST##

Please welcome ARDEX DG 1 our new one-component grout! This ready to use grout can be used straight from the pail with no additional water. Currently available in 15 colors including: Antique Ivory, Battleship, Black Licorice, Caraway, Charcoal Dust, Gunmetal, Misty Blue, Polar White, Sahara Drift, Silver Shimmer, and Stone Beach, Fresh Lily, Sugar Cookie, Irish Creme and Vintage Linen.

ardex grout where to buy

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A revolutionary solvent-free, two-component epoxy grout and adhesive with a unique creamy consistency.It is particularly suited for installations in swimming pools, hot tubs, showers, bathrooms, breweries, foodprocessing facilities, industrial, restaurant kitchens, hospitals or any installation requiring high standards ofhygiene and chemical resistance. Use this two part epoxy adhesive for setting all types of tile including glass tile.

Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout has excellent water resistance and flexibility properties. Ardex-Flex FS Tile Grout is suitable for grouting joints up to 4mm wide, between porcelain, ceramic, non-moisture sensitive natural stone and quarry tiles, as well as extruded tiles and glass blockwork. Once hardened, the grout is weather resistant, unaffected by water, and can be used for internal and external tiling in dry and wet locations, including swimming pools with non-aggressive water conditions.

Coverage:Use the grout calculator below to work out how many bags you need for your project. Simply enter your tile size and grout joint size, (all in mm) and it will do the rest. Please note this is approximate, and does not allow for site conditions or wastage.

* Please choose carefully as all caulk sales are final and can not be returned. Colors vary on different monitors but the factory formulates colors according to their specific guidelines of each grout manufacturer to ensure a close color match.

Jamico4u offers the Spectrum Grout Stain as a low cost way to give counters and floors a new look without replacing the grout. With its easy to use urethane acrylic formula, a long lasting stain is attained to rejuvenate and seal sanded and nonsanded grout joints.

A mixture of cement and sand, grout is commonly used to fill the gaps between tiles. Wherever you may have your tiles installed, the wear and tear that tiles undergo will make the surrounding areas susceptible to discolouration, mould growth, and damage. Why? Because even though tiles are often made of durable, waterproof material, the grout sitting between the tiles is porous. When grouts are left unsealed, bacteria and water will get trapped, compromising not only the look of your tiles but also their structural integrity. Therefore, adding a grout sealer to your tiles will prevent the growth of mildew and mould. Repelling moisture, grout sealers will maintain the look of your tiles for a long time.

If we were to boil down to the technical aspects of things, yes, grout sealers differ from tile sealers. Since the materials of the grout joint between the tiles differ from the material of the tiles themselves, different sealers should be used. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have micro-pores on their surface and may require a penetrating sealer to be applied before epoxy grouts are applied between the tiles.

Beyond our expansive catalogue of grouts and silicones, ARDEX offers premium tiling and waterproofing system solutions for all in Singapore. With a longstanding history that traces back to 1960, we stand true to our promise to supply outstanding product quality. With all our products, materials, and packaging going through rigorous quality control procedures, you can rest assured our products meet industry standards. For more information on selecting the right grout sealer for your tiles, get in touch with our technical experts today.Read more

Find colored caulk to match the Ardex grout color line. This colored caulk, with its siliconized acrylic latex caulk formula, can be used for your indoor and outdoor projects. Color won't wash out. This siliconized acrylic latex caulk doesn't have to be used just for matching the Ardex grout line. Use the eye-pleasing palate to match your color needs. The colored caulk has been manufactured by Color Fast. Made in the USA.This siliconized acrylic latex caulk is available in a sanded or unsanded texture. Sanded caulk has a rough feel to it, making for an ideal match for Ardex sanded grout or other rough textured surfaces. Unsanded caulk has a smooth feel to it. Perfect for using around windows, bathtubs, counters and other areas where you need to have a smooth to the touch caulk line. Also, this is a non-slump formula which is ideal for vertical installations.

The ARDEX Tile and Stone Installation System is a full line of thin set mortars, tile adhesives, waterfpoofing systems, grouts, and specialty installation materials. Specifically designed to provide superior performance to the installation professional, ARDEX Tile & Stone Products are formulated to deliver high-quality installation solutions that all ARDEX products are know for. RDEX Tile & Stone Products are available at professional tile and flooring distributors throughout North America. 041b061a72


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