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Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack 2009 Torrent

The original version was released for the Wii's Virtual Console in Japan in September 2008, and for the Wii U's Virtual Console in June 2013. The game was ported to mobile phones in Japan in 2009, and an enhanced port of the game was released for iOS in 2010 and Android in 2014. It was included in the Collection of Mana release for the Nintendo Switch in Japan in June 2017 and North America in June 2019. Nintendo also re-released Secret of Mana in September 2017 as part of the company's Super NES Classic Edition. A full 3D remake was released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Microsoft Windows in February 2018.

Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack 2009 Torrent

The original score for Secret of Mana was composed and produced by Hiroki Kikuta. Kenji Ito, who had composed the soundtrack for Final Fantasy Adventure, was originally slated for the project, but was replaced with Kikuta after he had started on other projects, such as Romancing SaGa. Secret of Mana was Kikuta's first video game score, and he encountered difficulties in dealing with the hardware limitations of the Super NES. Kikuta tried to express in the music two "contrasting styles" to create an original score which would be neither pop music nor standard game music.[39] Kikuta worked on the music mostly by himself, spending nearly 24 hours a day in his office, alternating between composing and editing to create a soundtrack that would be, according to him, "immersive" and "three-dimensional".[40] Rather than having sound engineers create the samples of instruments like most game music composers of the time, Kikuta made his own samples that matched the hardware capabilities of the Super NES. These custom samples allowed him to know exactly how each piece would sound on the system's hardware, so he did not have to worry about differences between the original composition and the Super NES.[41] Kikuta stated in 2001 that he considered the score for Secret of Mana his favorite creation.[42]

An official soundtrack album, Seiken Densetsu 2 Original Sound Version, was released in Japan in August 1993, containing 44 musical tracks from the game. An English version, identical to the Japanese original aside from its localized packaging and track titles, was later released in North America in December 1994 as Secret of Mana Original Soundtrack, making Secret of Mana one of the first Japanese games to inspire a localized soundtrack release outside of Japan.[43] An album of arranged music from Secret of Mana and its sequel Seiken Densetsu 3 was produced in 1993 as Secret of Mana+. The music in the album was all composed and arranged by Kikuta. Secret of Mana+ contains a single track, titled "Secret of Mana", that incorporates themes from the music of both Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3, which was still under development at the time.[46] The style of the album has been described by critics as "experimental", using "strange sounds" such as waterfalls, bird calls, cell phone sounds, and "typing" sounds.[47] The music has also been described by critics as covering many different musical styles, such as "Debussian impressionist styles, his own heavy electronic and synth ideas, and even ideas of popular musicians".[46] The latest album of music from the game is a 2012 arranged album titled Secret of Mana Genesis / Seiken Densetsu 2 Arrange Album. The 16 tracks are upgraded versions of the original Super NES tracks, and Kikuta said in the liner notes for the album that they are "how he wanted the music to sound when he wrote it", without the limitations of the Super NES hardware. Critics such as Patrick Gann of RPGFan, however, noted that the differences were minor.[48] Music for the 2018 remake, which features remastered versions of the original soundtrack, was overseen by Kikuta and arranged by numerous game composers, such as Yuzo Koshiro and Tsuyoshi Sekito.[49] The soundtrack was released as an album, also titled Secret of Mana Original Soundtrack, shortly after the remake's release in February 2018.[50] A rendition of the soundtrack was commissioned for the first ever BBC Proms gaming music concert in 2022.[51]

In 1999, Square announced they would be porting Secret of Mana to Bandai's handheld system WonderSwan Color as one of nine planned games for the system.[52] No such port was ever released. A mobile phone port of Secret of Mana was released on October 26, 2009.[53] A port of the game for iOS was revealed at E3 2010, and released on Apple's App Store on December 21, 2010.[54] The port fixed several bugs, and the English script was both edited and retranslated from the original Japanese.[55] The enhanced port from the iOS version was released on Android devices in 2014.[56] A port for the Nintendo Switch was released with ports of Final Fantasy Adventure and Seiken Densetsu 3 as part of the Collection of Mana on June 1, 2017, in Japan, and June 11, 2019 in North America.[57][58] The game was released as one of the games included on the Super NES Classic Edition on September 29, 2017.[59]

After years of trying to shepherd your constituents into high-class apartment buildings and sky-scraping office complexes, Maxis unleashed a world where you control the life of a Sim citizen. From what kind of job they had to who their friends were, you played God. Raising a family, throwing a party, or getting into fights were only a few of the things you could arrange for your virtual family. The Sims opened up a torrent of mods downloadable through the web, and with its quirky originality, became a best-selling title almost overnight.

A game so great it could only be defeated by its own sequel. Although part 2 is definitely superior to the original, there's still plenty to love about the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. It introduced a control scheme that implants itself into your subconscious. The Warehouse level is still one of our favorites. Plus, the soundtrack has yet to be topped. Pro Skater has inspired many clones, but they all have yet to defeat this ambassador of kickyourassator.


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