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Dell Buy Back Old Laptops [2021]

Dell Laptop Repair Service We specialize in repairing Dell laptops. We do not offer parts or service for any other manufacturer's products. That means that we have a focused expertise on Dell products. Our service is used by school districts and laptop repair shops across the nation. We offer our services worldwide, but we keep our services personal. We believe in strong customer service, and we have many repeat customers because of our expertise, integrity and personal response

dell buy back old laptops

Lenovo reclaims hundreds of new and modern tech devices - that's right, not just laptops and PCs. If you've got a tech device you're looking to upgrade (such as a smartphone, tablet, gaming console, or monitor) chances are you'll find the latest and greatest version of it at Lenovo.

Trade in your electronics with Lenovo today, and get some cash back that you can use towards the modern technology you need for work or play - all while helping the Earth out a bit while you're at it. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the environment.

By trading in your old PC instead of throwing it away or letting it collect dust in some forgotten corner of the house, you help reduce e-waste while also getting something back in return! Not only are you helping protect our planet from more waste, but youll also save money as well since youre getting a discount off any eligible new device from Lenovo. Plus, all of this comes with peace of mind knowing that all data on the device will be securely wiped before it gets traded in.

Lenovo has long been known for the quality, reliability, and innovation found in our laptops, PCs, and tablets. With a profound emphasis being placed on quality in the construction of our products, you won't often have to trade in your trusty old ThinkPad. Inevitably, new technologies come along to replace the old. But our computer exchange program isn't reserved solely for Lenovo models only, you can also trade in PCs, laptops and tablets from several well-recognized PC manufacturers for a Visa Gift Card.

One might argue that gaming technology evolves faster than most other PC tech, and Lenovo has prepared for the current PC gaming age we find ourselves in - one where we consistently see powerfully massive improvements to graphics cards, storage, processors, memory, and more year by year. So, if your gaming laptop or gaming PC is struggling to keep up with today's fast-paced, modern PC games, look to Lenovo Legion for a long-term upgrade. Lenovo Legion laptops and PCs are more upgradeable than many prebuilt gaming PCs you'll find on the market. We don't solder on as many components as some manufacturers, meaning your Lenovo Legion gaming PC is easier to upgrade over time. So, trade in your old gaming PC and upgrade to the long-lasting power of Lenovo Legion today.

The Lenovo Trade-In program accepts a variety of devices from both current and past models. Generally, if the device is manufactured within four years prior, it will qualify for submission under the program. This includes laptops, desktops, tablets, and servers. However, different types of devices may incur different trade-in values or may not be accepted at all in certain regions due to availability or collection services.

Yes! Whether you decide to participate in the Lenovo Trade-In program or not, you can always recycle your old hardware responsibly with the help of certified recycling centers near you. By doing this, you are contributing to bettering our environment while still getting something back in return, either an increased financial benefit or peace of mind knowing that your device has been disposed of carefully and with respect for nature.

If you have a newer laptop or an older one in great condition, consider donating it. It could be as simple as handing it down to your kid or your friend's kid, but there are local, national, and international organizations like human-I-T, the World Computer Exchange, Computers with Causes, and Digitunity that supply at-risk students and families with working laptops.

Highlights: Easily repairable, sustainably made, energy efficient laptops that are Greenguard and UL Environment certified, from a trusted brand. My go-to laptop and firm favorite for nearly a decade!

Lenovo reduced their Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by a whopping 92% relative to 2009/10 and have installed solar panel arrays to help power operations in the US. They were awarded 3-Leaf Certification by Green Freight Asia in 2020 for their efforts at reducing emissions related to transport or materials and goods, and they have a closed loop post-consumer recycled content program to repurpose plastics. Some 66 Lenovo products now contain recycled plastics from this closed loop system, compared to 21 in the previous year. Part of how they achieve this is by using a single color plastic (black) for almost all their plastic components. This makes it far easier to replace, repair, and recycle the plastics compared to multicolor laptops.

The MacBook Pro 16-inch has some impressive environmental specs. This laptop is made with 100% renewable energy at all final assembly suppliers, consumes 65% less energy than the ENERGY STAR energy efficiency limit, and is made with 100% recycled tin in the solder of the main logic board, 35% recycled plastic, and low-carbon aluminum. It has an arsenic-free display glass, mercury-free LED-backlit display, is free from BFRs, PVC, and beryllium, and is provided in responsible recycled packaging with 83% less plastic packaging than the previous generation.

Highlights: Asus makes easily repairable, TCO-certified laptops and its entire laptop range achieved Energy Star compliance in 2019. Asus is committed to recycling and zero waste initiatives and has formalized the triple bottom line approach that includes sustainability as part of profit and loss accounting.

There are 8 ASUS laptops currently listed as TCO Certified and two have excellent scores for repairability on Ifixit: Asus Chromebook C202-2016 (9/10) and Asus Zenbook UX32VD-2012 (8/10. The Chromebook has modular components and uses Phillips screws only, meaning these laptops are designed to make it easy to quickly swap old parts out for new. The Zenbook also has easy access to component parts and replacing the battery is also very quick and easy.

Highlights: Almost all Dell laptops are easily repairable and highly sustainable, and the company has phased out the use of several phthalates and is working on removing any remaining flame retardants and PVC. Dell has strong commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions energy use.

Dell make some of the best sustainable laptops around, including the easily repairable Dell Latitude E52702017 which gets a top rating (10) from Ifixit. This laptop is built so that you can replace the battery, trackpad buttons, display, and keyboard, and upgrade the RAM and the solid-state drive (SSD). Dell use minimal adhesives and instead use standard Phillips screws and offers clear repair and disassembly instructions, so you can fix or replace parts at home or have it easily repaired or upgraded by a professional.

Many Dell laptops are also TCO Certified and the company issues an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report with environmental and social impacts. In recent years, the company has reduced product energy use, increased the sustainability of packaging materials, reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions at Dell offices and manufacturing facilities (in part by increasing reliance on renewables), and reduced the overall environmental burden of their products across their lifecycle. Dell are also working with suppliers to support the phase-out of the use of toxic chemicals.

Dell have a Chemical Use Policy and are continuing to phase out the use of PVC and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from laptops and other computers. Four phthalates (DEHP, BBP, DBP, and DIBP) have already been phased out.

Fujitsu laptops are reasonably repairable, with repair and upgrade guides available for several models on Ifixit. The company also has at least 3 TCO Certified laptops and publishes a somewhat regular environmental and sustainability report.

New gaming laptops are arriving with Intel's latest 13th-gen CPUs and Nvidia's latest 4000 series GPUs. The Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 and Lenovo Legion Pro 7i are two such machines, each bringing their strengths.

The Lenovo has a much faster CPU, for example, while the Asus sports the latest in gaming display technology, mini-LED. Both are excellent gaming laptops that can keep up with modern titles at 1440p with all features turned on. But which is the best for you?

If you bought a custom PC or a pre-built system from a company like Dell or HP, or you have a laptop, the chances are that there is a sticker somewhere on your computer that has a serial number on it. On a desktop computer, the serial number will likely be found on the back of the computer. For a laptop, the serial number will likely be found on the underside of the chassis.

If you used Time Machine to back up your files from another Mac to a storage device (such as an external disk), you can copy the files from the device to your MacBook Air. See Back up and restore your Mac.

NWPSC supports the efforts of manufacturers and retailers to offer take back programs whereby used electronic products are accepted from their customers and then are properly recycled, disposed or reused. Listed below are companies that take back their products and promote product stewardship principles for electronic equipment.

Best Buy offers a free recycling program that allows consumers to bring up to three pieces of unwanted electronic equipment per day to any participating location for recycling, no matter where they were purchased. Best Buy's Trade-In program also offers mail back option that allows consumers to trade-in or recycle any qualifying consumer electronic product. If the item has a trade-in value, payment for the trade will be made via a Best Buy gift card. Customers can drop off old cell phones, rechargeable batteries, and ink-jet cartridges for free at kiosks located at Best Buy US retail stores. Customers that purchase a new phone may also return old phones by mail with a postage-paid envelope. 041b061a72


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